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Hey, I'm Kaleipua!

Actually, my full name is Iwalouise (eeva-loo-ease) Kaleipua (kuh-lay-pooh-uh) Bryan (pretty sure you got this one lol) I also go by “Iwa”, I love both names equally so whichever you’d prefer!

I am Native Hawaiian, with some Chinese and Caucasian mixed in. I've always been in awe of the natural beauty of Hawaiʻi and the effect it has on the people here — visiting and local. It's a blessing to be able to use my work as a way to reflect that beauty from my perspective. My ideal day includes staying in bed with the AC on full blast (the Lahaina heat gets to me) while creating magic from your beautiful images, watching netflix/hulu, and eating alllll the food. But don't get me wrong, I'm always down for some holoholo time! Whether it's going to the beach, fishing, hiking, hopping on a plane, or just taking a cruise around my little hometown blasting my Eddie Lovette jams — I just grab my camera and I'm out the door.

As an introvert, I enjoy noticing little moments that many people tend to overlook. Photography is a passion that gives me a creative way to express the way I see those moments, and I love it.  Any type of memorabilia is my jammmmm — family photo albums, old polaroids, love letters, you name it. Heck, I still play spider solitaire because I loved it so much as a kid — LOL ok, move on.

Can't wait to hang with ya!

  - Kaleipua

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